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IQOS 3 Multi operates in a temperature range between 0° and 50° C (32° - 122° F).
If the ambient temperature is low, try warming the device in your hand for at least 1 minute.

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You only need to press once on the device’s button to activate the heating blade*.
Once the light indicator goes from blinking to steady, it’s ready to enjoy.
After that, make sure you don't press the device's button again, as this may turn your device off.
* The heating process will only start if the Lid on top remains open.

Pocket Charger

Let’s try the following steps

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Reset your device.
Press and hold the button of your device for 10 seconds.
All lights will briefly turn ON and blink white to indicate your device has been reset.

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Make sure your device is switched  ON*. 
Plug it into a power outlet** for at least 20 minutes (the Lid on top must be closed). We recommend a full recharge, which requires 75 minutes.
* Press the button once and see if the lights turn on. If not, press and hold the button again, for 4 seconds.
** Laptop USB ports may not have enough power to charge your device if it is completely discharged.