Article 2

May 9, 2023

The Technology Behind IQOS ILUMA: Understanding the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™and More

New IQOS ILUMA comes in three different device models that use the new, breaktrough SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology: IQOS ILUMA, IQOS ILUMA PRIME and IQOS ILUMA ONE.




Do the new IQOS ILUMA devices use HeatControl technology?

Unlike previous IQOS devices, IQOS ILUMA does not use HeatControl technology. In earlier generations of IQOS devices, tobacco is heated using a heating blade onto which tobacco inserts are placed. Thanks to technological advances, IQOS ILUMA devices are more intuitive and effortless than previous IQOS devices. The new, innovative SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology uses induction to heat the tobacco and therefore works without a heating blade. Like other IQOS devices, and unlike cigarettes, IQOS ILUMA devices heat tobacco without burning.



New tobacco sticks designed for IQOS ILUMA devices*

At the center of the new tobacco stick is a metal heating element coated with stainless steel. Using the revolutionary induction technology, the magnetic energy activates the heating element and heats the tobacco from the inside, enabling the taste of real tobacco, without smoke and without ash. The new tobacco sticks are designed to be completely closed on both sides, making them easier to insert and remove. This also means the tobacco no longer falls out of the tobacco sticks: no tobacco residue and no need to clean the holder.
*Thanks to the new technology, IQOS ILUMA devices are only compatible with tobacco sticks specially designed for them. Tobacco sticks designed for previous generations of IQOS devices can't be used with IQOS ILUMA devices.



When can adult users in Croatia expect IQOS ILUMA devices?

IQOS ILUMA devices are currently not available in Croatia. If you are interested in more, you can see more information about the IQOS ILUMA release date in other European countries.