IQOS 3 DUO Holder

Dec 8, 2022

What is IQOS Complete service?

A comprehensive IQOS device maintenance service carried out by an IQOS expert. Our new free Complete service is designed to help you keep your IQOS 3 DUO running to its full potential. Every check-up is carried out to ensure you get the best possible IQOS experience and a consistent taste.

  • We will first test your IQOS device capability to deliver the aerosol with each puff. We do the test before and after Complete service to check the improvement.
  • Next, there is a thorough cleaning of the IQOS charger and holder, including the blade and the cap. We will remove any tobacco residue to improve the airflow and heating process for a consistent taste.
  • Finally, if needed, an upgrade to the latest firmware is made to ensure the best possible performance.

Cleaning and maintaining your IQOS device will not only ensure a consistent taste, but it will keep your IQOS device working in optimal condition for longer. This means you’re also playing a role in reducing electronic waste.

How can you easily get a Complete service?

You can give your IQOS device an expert maintenance for free if you bring it to an IQOS Service Point. You do not need to book an appointment, our IQOS experts will aim to perform the Complete service for you whenever you visit.

Discover more about Complete service →

How can you take care of your IQOS device yourself?

Giving your IQOS 3 DUO some attention doesn't take long and will keep it i working in optimal condition for longer. You will notice the difference in the taste once it’s done. It is easy, you just need to complete the following steps:

  1. When the holder has cooled down, slide the holder cap off and tap out any loose tobacco.
  2. For IQOS ORIGINALS DUO: Open the rotating head of the cleaning tool and insert without twisting. Then gently rotate three trimes and remove without twisting. Gently tap your holder again for any remaining residue. Open the sweeping head of the cleaning tool, align the position to the holder and insert smoothly without twisting. Move sideways from left to right and gently tap your holder again for any remaining residue when you are done. For IQOS 3 DUO: Carefully insert the cleaning tool all the way inside the holder. When fully inserted, gently twist the cleaning tool a few times, then remove.
  3. Use the cleaning sticks to remove any tobacco residue from the holder and cap. Take care when swabbing around the blade.

IQOS Device and accessories

Explore our How To and device care advice page to check out tutorial videos. Learn how to clean and charge your device, or even how to upgrade the firmware yourself in just a few moments. Remember, by regularly cleaning and caring for your IQOS device, you get optimal IQOS experience for longer and you contribute to reducing electronic waste at the same time. Looking for some top tips for keeping things running smoothly? You can replace your cap every six months to get a more satisfying puff experience. Be sure to keep your IQOS device firmware up to date and remember to slide the cap up on your holder before removing a tobacco stick to protect your blade.

Now you’re ready to use your IQOS device to its full potential.

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